About the company

  • We work in such industries as: food and confectionery, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, TNP, mechanical engineering, electronic industry, service sector, FoReCa.

    Complex technological lines and separate equipment, packaging materials for food and non-food products. A large range of equipment allows you to equip the production with all the necessary equipment from the acceptance and storage of the product or packaging and ending with group transport packaging.

    In our product catalog you will find solutions for forming, packing, filling and stacking of finished products, according to your needs.

    Explore our portfolio where you can find the perfect solution for your product.

    We provide warranty, and full post-warranty, as well as service maintenance of the entire proposed line of equipment. The service is carried out by our highly qualified specialists, more than 20 service centers are located on the territory of Russia, equipped with all the necessary consumables and repair kits for warranty service. Our service teams are always ready to leave within an hour after the application is received and this is a guarantee that your equipment will work without long stops. Also, all machines, if desired by the Buyer, can be connected to remote access, via Internet connection, which allows you to immediately test all systems, as well as make the necessary configuration or reconfiguration of equipment settings.
    Our principle of work is an individual approach to each client and to each request. First of all, we try to hear your wishes and offer the best solution within our competence. That is why we present the most complete range of services that your company may need, regardless of its productivity and production volumes. Your equipment will work with us 24/7. highly qualified specialists, real professionals in their field. We provide a guarantee for all supplied equipment, raw materials and supplies. Service and post-warranty service, training, spare parts and accessories.

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