The Tray-box Former, the Bundler and the Palletizer for Tray-Boxes

Technical Data

      • Productivity up to 1500 doses p/h
      • Overall dimensions (without conveyor) 6000x1000x2500 mm
      • Weight 650 kg
      • Voltage 220V, 50 Hz
      • Power consumption less than 1,2 kW
      • Pressure 0,6 MPa
      • Compressed air consumption 350 l/min

      The station is used for multi-packing into tray-boxes. It includes an automated tray-box former, a bundler, and a palletizer. The size of the corrugated box is set according to customer specifications. Operation description: The former folds a tray into a box. The box further moves along the conveyor. The bundler forms the packed product on the conveyor, and the palletizer puts it into the box. Then the conveyor moves the packed tray-box to the stacker.