Terms of the warranty on the equipment (En)

сервис упаковочного, фасовочного  оборудования, линии розлива

Terms of the warranty on the equipment

Manufactured by LLC "PROXIO"

1. General provisions

1.1 Warranty obligations are understood as replacement or repair of individual components, assemblies, parts, equipment supplied by LLC "PROXIO"*, the malfunction of which is detected and declared during the warranty period.


*Since the equipment purchased from LLC "PROXIO" is used for commercial purposes, the law and regulations on consumer protection do not apply to this equipment.

**The automaton is a technically complex complex consisting of individual components and components with their own technical features. If a warranty case is identified, each node can be replaced or repaired. A malfunction of a single node is not a reason for recognizing the equipment as not meeting the quality requirements as a whole.

The supplier sends the necessary spare parts to the buyer, while the cost of delivery of spare parts is paid by the buyer. Spare parts replaced under warranty are the property of LLC "PROXIO" and must be sent to the company's address no later than a week after they are replaced with new ones, otherwise LLC "PROXIO" reserves the right to demand payment for this part or assembly.

1.2 The warranty period for the equipment, with the exception of individual components, is 12 (twelve) months from the date of signing by the parties of the act on commissioning, but not more than 13 (thirteen) months from the date of transfer of the equipment to the Buyer on the consignment note.

1.3 The warranty period for the delivered equipment is determined by the contract.

1.4 The warranty does not apply to defects, damages and malfunctions that occurred during transportation, in case of violation by the buyer of the rules of maintenance, storage and operation of equipment (including unauthorized upgrades and repairs), mechanical damage, as well as defects resulting from intentional damage by third parties and the impact of other extraneous factors.

1.5 Works related to the re-configuration of equipment and training of personnel are not guaranteed and are carried out on prepayment.

1.6 Warranty obligations for additional third-party equipment (ozonators, glue stations, drop-jet printers, ultrasonic and induction sealing modules, etc.) supplied as part of the equipment of LLC "PROXIO TECHNOLOGIES" are supported on the terms of third-party manufacturers.

1.7 The warranty does not apply to consumables and accessories, such as, for example, seals, electrical fuses, heating elements, lamps, glasses, belts, hoses, etc.

1.8 In case of installment payment or payment of part of the amount after the shipment of equipment under the contract of sale, a monthly PIN code is registered in the controller program. In case of unmotivated refusal of the Buyer from timely payment under the contract of sale, the warranty service of the equipment is suspended and the PIN code is not provided until the Buyer pays the next payment under the contract of sale.


2. Rules for the Buyer.

2.1. In order to receive warranty service, the Buyer must comply with the following conditions:

Ensure that the equipment is serviced in accordance with section No. 14 "Maintenance" in the passport attached to the equipment. The maintenance of the equipment must be carried out by appropriate qualified personnel.
Ensure that only personnel who have been instructed in operation and safety procedures are allowed to operate the equipment (the instruction form is attached in the equipment passport).
To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the supplied communications (compressed air, power supply, etc.), the use of which is provided by the equipment manufacturer.
Provide specialists with specialized technical education to work on the equipment.


3. Procedure for warranty repair of equipment

3.1. Upon detection of defects and malfunctions in the operation of the equipment within the warranty period, the Buyer is obliged to draw up a Certificate of failure of the warranty equipment with a detailed description of the defect and possible causes of its occurrence and transmit it to the Service Department of LLC "PROXIO" by e-mail or fax.

3.2. After the analysis of the transmitted information, in case of detection of removable defects, the Buyer is given permission in writing (by e-mail or fax) to carry out repair work by qualified specialists of the enterprise.

3.3 If a fixable defect is detected, repairs are carried out by the employees of LLC "PROXIO", in case of minor malfunctions — in an advisory mode by phone with the involvement of the Buyer's specialists, in other cases — the adjuster visits the buyer, after the receipt of an act on equipment deficiencies to LLC "PROXIO", as well as full payment by the Buyer of travel expenses expenses.


4. Refusal to provide warranty service and repair

4.1. LLC "PROXIO" may refuse to carry out warranty repairs, or withdraw from further warranty obligations if the following cases are identified:

violation of the safety of warranty seals or the presence of mechanical damage to equipment or components;
the buyer repairs the equipment or its components independently or with the involvement of third parties to carry out such work without the written permission of LLC "PROXIO";
the use of equipment for other purposes or its disassembly;
failure to comply with the requirements for the operation of the equipment set out in the technical data sheet of the equipment;
violation of the safety of pipelines, cables, etc. laid to the equipment;
the occurrence of deficiencies (defects) of the equipment due to the action (inaction) of the technical personnel of the buyer conducting maintenance;
not carrying out the maintenance described in the passport in section No. 14;
failure to comply with the operating conditions of the equipment described in the equipment passport.