Flow Pack horizontal packaging machine

Technical Data

  • Productivity is 6000 packs / hour.
  • Dimensions of the packaged product: length — 60-420 mm; width — 20-80 mm; height — 1-70 mm
  • Feeding conveyor length: 1200 mm
  • Outfeed conveyor length: 650 mm
  • Power supply — 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption — no more than 3 kW.
  • Air consumption — no more than 5 l / min
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2930 x 1750 x 1035
  • Basic weight: 450 kg.


    Film characteristics

    • type of film: polypropylene (BOPP)
    •  film thickness: 20-40 microns
    • roll width: up to 380 mm.
    • outer diameter of a roll: up to 350 mm.
    • bushing inner diameter: 76 mm.
    • roll weight: up to 25 kg.



    • Tray for collecting crumb under the infeed conveyor
    • Gas injection into the package
    • Bracket for installing inkjet printer on roll holder



    • Control modes using an intuitive interface on the touch panel.
    • Automatic synchronization of the speed of the machine with the speed of the filling equipment.
    • Powder coated carbon steel frame (optional AISI 304 stainless steel)
    • Self-centering roll holder with automatic tension adjustment mechanism.
    • The length of the bag is adjustable according to the length of the product using a photo sensor or timer.
    • The feeding conveyor automatically synchronizes the position of the product with the position of the jaws of the cross sealer.
    • Adjustable sleeve shaper for packaging products of different shapes.
    • 3 pairs of broaching rollers in the longitudinal sealing unit.
    • Pneumatic drive for longitudinal sealing rollers.
    • Independent PID temperature control for each welded roller and for the top and bottom weld jaws. Installed on the touch screen.
    • Adjustment of the position of the cross-sealer jaws depending on the height of the product to position the seam exactly in the middle of the package.

    The machine is designed for packing medium-sized piece products (cottage cheese briquette, ice cream, bakery products, products in a corex, etc.).

    This machine uses 4 independent electric drives: a feed conveyor, longitudinal sealing rollers, transverse sealing jaws, and a discharge conveyor. Mechanically decoupled drives simplify the entire machine mechanics, shorten changeover times and eliminate many transmissions, all of which have a positive effect on performance.