Automatic filling machine for buckets up to 3 liters

Technical Data

      • Productivity up to 1500 doses / hour
      • Overall dimensions 4000x1500x1800 mm
      • Weight 400 kg
      • Voltage 220V, 50 Hz
      • Power consumption no more than 2 kW
      • Pressure 0.6 MPa
      • Compressed air consumption no more than 600 l / min



      • Reliability
      • Easy to maintain
      • The mechanism for displacing air from the bucket (to prevent the lid from bulging)
      • High performance

      Designed for filling liquid and pasty products in plastic buckets of various shapes, with a volume of 1000 — 3000 ml with a plastic lid. The machine can be equipped with a conveyor and a labeler for applying a self-adhesive label to a lid or bucket. Assortment of packaged products: sour cream, mayonnaise, ghee and other liquid, pasty products.